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Electronics Design Group offers our clients the benefit of over twenty years experience delivering innovative home theater ideas and the highest quality home theater installations available anywhere in the industry. The following testimonials acknowledge some of these award winning accomplishments, as well as various fundraising and philanthropic efforts that we participate in.

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Kenneth Nodes
Homldel, NJ

Q. What were the issues with your existing system that caused you to start looking for someone to repair or upgrade it?

“EDG far exceeded my expectations.”

A. Most of the issues surrounding the previous installer were software and response related. It was extremely difficult to get them to respond to service calls and programming issues. Once I decided to install a home theater, I knew I had to get somebody else to both install the theater and fix my existing system.

A. EDG far exceeded my expectations. They not only were excellent on the home automation and electronics side, but were also very helpful in the design of the home theater and incorporating it with the rest of the basement.

Q.How are you enjoying your system after EDG serviced it?

A. My family and I enjoy and use our system a great deal. It has involved in every aspect of our home lives.

Q. Would you recommend us to Friends or Family?

A. Yes I would and already have.

Northern NJ

Q. What were the issues with your existing system that caused you to start looking for someone to repair or upgrade it?

“[EDG staff is]… very educated, professional, responsible and work until the job is done regardless of what it takes”

A. The previous Av Company I was working with started installing my system but they couldn’t tackle the programming. They attempted to do all the programming from offsite, which just doesn’t work with a system of this size. Small repairs and tweaks can be done offsite but initial startups and the first few punch lists must be done onsite with 2-3 support staff to test and retest. They outsourced their programming so they were at the mercy of an outside vendor who they gave too much work so he dictated instead of the company I had hired. They just couldn’t handle a system of this size.

Q. How did you hear about EDG?

A. 2. I think I saw EDG ads in magazines and then followed up online.

Q. How was the experience working with us?

A. EDG was and has been a pleasure to work with. Very educated, professional, responsible and work until the job is done regardless of what it takes. They stand by their work and always try to satisfy the customer.

Q. Did EDG meet or exceed your expectations?

A. EDG met my expectations. My expectations of an AV company were always high but after being disappointed by my previous company I didn’t know what to expect but EDG has been great.

Q. How are you enjoying your system after EDG serviced it?

A. My system works very well. I have continued to add to it. My family and I enjoy using it. It has become second nature.

Q. Would you recommend us to Friends or Family?

A. I have and will continue to recommend EDG to friends, family and colleagues.

Past Client

Q.What were the issues with your existing system that caused you to start looking for someone to repair or upgrade it?

A. I previously had another Electronics Integrator install a distributed audio and theater control system. When I required service they were unresponsive and their level of reliability became a major source of frustration.

Q. How did you hear about us?

A. When my new project came along, I asked my architect if he had a reliable referral and was then introduced to Joe [McNeill, EDG sales consultant].

Q.How was the experience working with us?

A. The experience of working with EDG so far has been excellent. Their people are knowledgeable, competent, very professional, and demonstrate a very high respect for our home. My expectations have been exceeded. We are enjoying all of the systems that EDG either installed or re-installed for us.

Q. Would you recommend us to Friends or Family?

A. I would highly recommend EDG to anyone.

Past Client

New York, NY

“I hired EDG to take on a particularly challenging and problematic pre-existing case. EDG was able to come in with a team of experts, flying blind with no plans or diagrams, map out the current extensive and complex system, diagnose the issues and reprogram to the client’s specifications. They were responsive to the bumps along the way and accommodating to the owner’s tough demands. All that and they still came in under budget. I would hire them again.”

Nick, Bob, Joe,

Thanks for all your help with the feature. One of the best installs we’ve covered and certainly the most enjoyable assignment for me. Turn to page 36.


Jim Hill is the Deputy Editor of Home Cinema Choice magazine. In his letter he is referring to a recent editorial, highlighting Electronics Design Group and one of our recent Home Theater installations, which was printed in his magazine.

Dear Nick,

We have completed many projects with EDG and currently have several others underway as well. These projects vary in size from small rehabs to 30,000 square foot residences. EDG and HHTA continue to work together over the years attests to the fact that EDG’s work has been and continues to be of the highest quality. EDG has always been prepared to offer “state of the art” services and equipment, as well as timely and professional installation and service to our clients.

Client satisfaction has been extremely high and is perhaps the ultimate reason EDG continues to be referred by our office. Collaboration with this office and our clients has always been just that a true collaboration. EDG works with us as well as our clients and consultants to provide a seamless integrated systems approach to the all aspects or audio/visual, electrical and security systems.

As architects for intricate residential projects, we refer only a small number of consultants to our clients. EDG is our first choice in electronic systems and is considered among those we refer because of value added due to their dedication to providing the finest in A/V equipment and services for our clients.

Hiland Hall Turner, AIA Principal

Dear Nick,

As a custom homebuilder, I have worked with Mr. Gullo over the last five years. During this period, Mr. Gullo has demonstrated an excellent standard of service and conduct for home electronic systems. He has worked directly with many of our designers, architects and clients, and everyone is extremely impressed with his professional knowledge and expertise.

Working with Bob Gullo of Electronics Design Group has enabled us to obtain one hundred percent satisfaction from all our clients. In fact, many clients who never considered building a home theater immediately change their minds once they see the result of his work product and talk to other clients who have already worked with Bob.

Mr. Gullo has a great personality and gets along well with everyone. In fact, our professional relationship has now grown into a personal one. It is certainly a pleasure working with him. Mr. Gullo truly promotes the highest standard of integrity, ethics and professionalism for the electronics industry.

Very truly yours,
Greg Alto, President

On behalf of Lutron Electronics Co.,Inc., I would like to express my views on Electronics Design Group in Piscataway, New Jersey. Being in the custom installation business for over twenty years, I have seen a lot of companies come and go. I personally began hearing of EDG’s reputation approximately 12 years ago through CEDIA. In the last seven years as a National Sales Manager for Lutron, I have found out just how good this company is …they truly have no peers and you will not find one finer.

I would guess if you were to look at the CEDIA installation awards which have been won over CEDIA’s lifetime, EDG would have to be near the top of total awards won, and this is for good reason. Through EDG not only some of the most highly sophisticated systems in the world been designed and installed, they have also built a very sound business model that has always maintained customer satisfaction while maintaining their profitability. I can honestly tell you, through the hundreds of the Lutron lighting control projects they have completed, I have never heard one negative report. They have a knack for always pulling off the most difficult projects, while dealing with the most demanding customer.

Jeffrey R. Zemanek
National Sales Manager of Residential Systems Providers

As professional designers and specifiersof products and services in the design and construction industry, architects must rely on the competency, reputation and service of vendors and consultants in countless fields. As such, the Architects reputation and liability is dependent upon the highest standards of performance and service for specialty services provided to customers beyond the professional expertise of the Architect. To this end, Electronics Design Group and more specifically, the direct and personalized service Bob Gullo has a 100% satisfaction rate among the clients of WESKetch Architecture. No other WESKetch consultant in any other field can boast such an accolade. WESKetch Architecture is responsible for over $50 million per year in demanding, highly sophisticated and detailed construction projects, of which, EDG is involved in almost half.

It is with great confidence that WESKetch continues to rely on the professionalism expertise of Bob Gullo and Electronics Design Group for all of our electronic service demands.

William E.S. Kaufman,
AIA Principal

EDG has been a successful Crestron dealer for many years and remains a customer in excellent standing. As one of the area’s top dealerships, EDG has earned a sterling reputation in our industry throughout the years we have worked together and we have developed a productive and fruitful business relationship in that time.

At our industry’s annual convention recently, EDG won several awards for its impressive work and we were among those cheering loudest for them. EDG’s professionalism installation of our products and their successful customer service has translated into a positive image for Crestron that has led to repeat business in numerous cases over the years.

Randy Klein
Executive Vice President

Electronics Design Group has been a Sonance dealer since 1988. We have watched them grow from essentially a one-man operation working out of mom’s kitchen into what we consider to be one of the best run custom installation businesses in the country. They now have a staff of more than thirty employees. They have consistently grown their business with us each year and displayed the kind of loyalty that is rare in this day and age.

Their word is their bond. Whatever they commit to they deliver on. Their professionalism is unparalleled. They have helped us at Sonance to be a better business partner to them by virtue of their candor with us. They are financially sound and fiscally responsible.

Education is a critical element of their success. They vigorously support CEDIA certification for their employees. In addition, as a service to their local market they provide “continuing education” courses for credit for the AIA.

EDG maintains a world-class showroom and training facility that includes video-teleconferencing capability. It is an outstanding example of what a CEDIA Dealer should aspire to. As a testament to their expertise, all of their system designs and engineering is done in house as is programming for all of their installations. They utilize a state of the art CAD system for design and produce immaculate documentation for all of their work. Their installation work is beyond reproach and conveys a feeling of old world craftsmanship that is an essential part of their success.

Best Regards,
Mitch Witten
Vice President Sales and Marketing

Dear Joe,

Congratulations on receiving a 2002 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Award for Best Home Theater, $125,001-150,000. This well-deserved award clearly represents widespread recognition of your commitment to high standards and outstanding custom residential solutions. We are pleased to be your partner in providing leading solutions for residential control and thank you for choosing to do business with AMX.

We look forward to your company’s continued success and achievements. You can continue to count on AMX to support your goals by producing innovative control and automation solutions. As an AMX Platinum Dealer, you have reached and elite level that further represents your success in this field, and we offer our complete support in helping you achieve even higher levels of success.

Congratulations again on your selection for Best Home Theater, $125,001-150,000.

Dear Robert:

This is a belated thank you to you and your staff for all the hard work and effort that went into creating our-state-of-the-art multi-media conference room. In particular, I’d like to express my deep appreciation to [the EDG Project Manager]. He was very involved every step of the way from taking the time on a holiday weekend to follow up on issues he was concerned about to reassuring me in the midst of the snow storm that preceded our grandopening that everything would be ready in time. You are indeed fortunate to have him on your staff.

In closing, I would just like to add that even after using this “new” facility for two months, the excitement and enthusiasm has not worn off. Dr. Pachter and the Department place a very high priority on the teaching of our medical students and residents. All we were missing was a room worthy of this commitment. Now we have that, in large part due to your company’s efforts.

Dear Electronics Design Group:

I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for the excellent job recently done in my Point Pleasant home.

From the first day we met regarding my desire to install a sophisticated media system, I had a gut feeling that the implementation and installation of the system was going to be outstanding. Your experience and knowledge in this field impressed me to the point where I knew that not only could I rely on you to present a media system that would satisfy me with its performance, but with it’s unique style as well.

The custom woodcraft company that you recommended did a job that far exceeded my expectations of a wall unit for the media system. My sincerest compliments to them as well.

To be honest, one of my favorite components of the system is not what is inside my home. It is the set of Waterworks Sound Pipe speakers that were installed near my jacuzzi outside. They are perfect for the setting in that it gives the deck a nautical effect, ideally suited for my home environment on the water. Excellent suggestion!

The staff that was assigned to come out and perform the actual installation of the equipment was very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. They even made sure that everything was cleaned up and returned to its normal state before leaving my home. It was a pleasure working with the guys.

It was a sincere pleasure to work with you and your company. I would be happy to recommend EDG in the future to potential new clients.

Dear Bob:

I guess it’s “better late than never” for me to write this letter to you, thanking everybody at EDG for the spectacular job that you all have done designing and installing my media room and integrating it with the rest of my house’s A/V systems. My experience with you has been instructive as to why choosing your firm was THE right choice, which I would gladly repeat without a thought if I were to do it over again.

As a well-read hobbyist in the home theater field who leans towards perfectionism (but at a fair price), I am in many ways a more difficult client that usual. Before I chose your firm, I interviewed more than a dozen home theater designers/installers, both store-based and independent like yourselves. The main reason I initially chose you was because you clearly knew a lot more than I did (unlike most of the other installers that I met) and had been doing this for a long time. You were passionate about your field without being a snob about it (a common disease in your profession), and you were able to speak with authority (and ended up being correct) when recommending the compromises that were necessary in a mid-priced installation like mine. In addition, dedicated, well-trained and professional employees are the most important asset a service business can have and its best goodwill ambassadors to clients. Brian and Joe, whose contributions I saw most clearly because they were in the field, were great in this regard. Brian treated this installation as if it was his own, and that is exactly how every client should feel about a project like this.

One last aspect of my relationship with your firm that needs mentioning is my perception of how you run your business, and how important that is to a client. Throughout the job I became increasingly impressed with your recognition of the importance of keeping your word, staying reasonably close to schedule, working out the invariable problems and unexpected issues, and avoiding the usual shenanigans to which customers are subjected by contractors in this and other trades when business is booming. You priced my job fairly and correctly, from your perspective as from mine, which helps avoid some of the hard feelings and other problems that often occur and create buyer’s (or contractor’s) regret. Although my job, while substantial, sounded like a middiing job from a cost viewpoint versus those of your other customers, I was never made to feel “marginal” by your firm. As a knowledgeable consumer in this area, I know that there will be quirky things in my system or minor improvements in capability for which I will need your help over time, and my confidence in your professionalism and dedication to your clients leaves me with no concern that I will be left begging for this important follow-up function.

At the end of the day, we all love the system, my eight year old and my wife can operate it with ease, and I possess only positive feelings about the project’s course, from start to finish. Thanks very much again.

Dear Bob,

The enclosed award is presented to Electronics Design Group for performing outstanding work at our home. You were always there when we needed you, your response time was excellent, and when you said that you would take care of a problem you did. This means so much to people when they are building a custom home.

In addition your people were also outstanding. They were always sensitive to our needs and dedicated to high performance. They are a credit to you and your firm.

On behalf of our entire family I want to thank you for a job well one.

Dear Bob,

Thank for all of the valuable information. I’m sure we are better designers knowing and re-emphaszing important principles such as planning – the earlier the better and setting appropriate expectations and then meet them. Learning new stuff is always great too, like 3-6-9 is better than 2-4-8 and the room is more important than the stuff. I hope AIDP will continue to value and work with EDG!