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Working with EDG

How To Work With Us

What to expect when working with EDG…

“ When clients select EDG as their system integrator, they place at their service one of the largest and most comprehensive integrators in the industry.”

-Bob Carroll, President/CEO AMX Corp.

The starting point for any home theater room systems integration project begins with the design process. This involves consulting with an EDG home theater design professional to provide you with a working budget and innovative solutions for your project – no matter how big or small.

The discovery phase is the first step in designing a functional, custom home theater system that is suited to meet the needs of you and your family. This process takes into account your vision and possibly that of your design team, which may include a home theater architect or home theater interior design professional. Along with input from our home theater design professionals, a clear understanding is established of what options are available to you, and proper budgets are projected based on these conclusions.

Yes, there is an upfront cost, but this is minimal when compared with the added expense to attempt a home theater construction project without this valuable step. A properly budgeted and designed system will save you time and money during the installation process by eliminating costly errors. EDG takes pride in listening to your needs and then delivering a media room design that achieves the goals of your project.

In order to assure there is a clear understanding between you and EDG, we will prepare a Design Contract that outlines the extent of our services as well as your responsibilities to the project. This document shall constitute the complete and total agreement between you and EDG. The Design Contract is very well received by our clients because it eliminates any ambiguity and details the progress of a home theater room project from start to finish.

“EDG is significantly more mature than dealers we’re talking to today. They’re trendsetters in the industry.”

- Jeff Goldstein, Head of Sony CIS

The Initial Meeting

An initial consultation may be scheduled at your residence or at our office, at your convenience. There is no charge for the initial consultation. At our first meeting we will provide you with a free “ballpark estimate” determined by the scope and size of your custom home theater project, as well as any special home automation products, such as lighting controls or whole house audio systems, you want to incorporate. There is a budgeted 1-hour maximum time scheduled for this meeting.

At this point you may choose to sign the Design Contract with EDG to engage us further in the home theater design process. The fee is 2% – 9% of the budgeted amount based on the deliverables required. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 2% of system total – A home theater design that includes a basic system overview, parts list, pricing and product brochures.
  • 6% of system total – A comprehensive home theater design that includes Rack Elevations, schematics, wiring schedule, blue print mark-ups, plus all items listed above.
  • 9% of system total – Cabinet design support, ventilation specification, point-to-point schematics for systems, applicable electrical specifications, project coordination with the home theater architect, home theater builder, electrician and cabinetmakers, plus all items listed above.

The Final Step

Once the Design Contract has been completed and signed, a mutually agreeable due date of deliverables will be set. At this meeting you will be presented with a package of materials as outlined in the Design Contract. In order to assure there are no misunderstandings, it is EDG’s standard operating procedure to present a System Proposal & Agreement. This document outlines the extent of our service, your responsibilities, and the responsibilities of other trades as necessary. This signed document constitutes the completed and total agreement between you and EDG.

“Client satisfaction has been extremely high and is perhaps the ultimate reason EDG continues to be referred by our office. Collaboration with this office and our clients and consultants to provide a seamless integrated systems approach to all aspects of audio/video, electrical and security systems.”

- Hiland Hall, Principal Hiland Hall Turner Associates, P.A. Architects

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