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CEDIA Officials state EDG Engineering and Project Managers Among the First in the Industry to Qualify for New Professional Certification Program!

June 5, 2000
Press Release

Piscataway, NJ- June 5, 2000-

Ed Condiracci, EDG Vice President and head of Engineering and Production, led off EDG’s participation in the new CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) certification program by being one of the first in the nation to qualify for Level I certification. Thus far, one EDG Project Manager has also qualified, and over the next few months, key members of the Project teams will follow suit.

The Pursuit of Excellence
Finding and retaining the skilled people necessary to maintain its high standards of perform-ance has been a major objective of EDG. With formal recognition for their achievements, CEDIA Certified Professionals will stand out from the crowd, enjoying the respect and trust of both clients and industry colleagues. CEDIA Professional Certifica-tion establishes clear standards by which EDG can measure existing staff and new hires, and gives our clients and colleagues the assurance of quality and professionalism. We have always placed a great emphasis on on-going education to keep our production staff on the cutting edge. Passing the CEDIA Certified Professional exams merely documents the results of these objectives, confirming our dedication to the continued pursuit of excellence in our field.

Exceeding Objectives
CEDIA Professional Certification establishes clear, objective standards for the required skills and knowledge of electronics system designers and installers. By defining a series of benchmarks for designers and installers, CEDIA Professional Certification should give clients peace of mind with respect to the major lifestyle investment they are making. When a custom installation company has CEDIA Certified Professionals credentials, clients
simply have one more level of trust that the project teams working in their homes are trained, reliable professionals.

CEDIA Professional Certification exams are created by the industry’s leading experts. Major content areas covered by the Level I examination include wiring the dwelling, prepping wire/cable, identifying and installing connectors, installing and mounting devices and components, and verifying operations.

Some of the required reference material to prepare for certification includes:

The Audio Dictionary
The Audio Cyclopedia
CEDIA Home Theatre Manual
Audio Systems Technology Level I & II
The National Electric Code
Sound System Handbook
TIA 1394 (Telephone Industry Association standard for UTP wire and management of wire)

Staying Ahead of the Curve . . .
In the technology industries, breakthroughs and advances occur almost daily. New, improved products appear almost as often, but much of it affects what is behind the scenes – part of the backbone of the system that the client really cannot “see,” but that can make a crucial difference in systems performance. Part of the CEDIA Certified Professional program will be to maintain one’s expertise and knowledge via periodic re-qualification as well as progression to ever higher levels of technical qualification as soon as they are available.

EDG is committed to being at the forefront in establishing technical credentials. It is, after all, the hallmark of our success – our pledge to always exceed our client’s expectations!

About EDG

Founded by Bob Gullo in 1987, EDG is a pioneer in the custom residential electronics industry. Considered by its peers and industry magazines as one of the top residential system integrators in the country, EDG continues to design innovative systems using the latest software and control system technology to bring its clients simple and easy to use solutions. Providing expertise in all aspects of residential environments, EDG is known for: audio/video systems, acoustics, media room design, lighting, HVAC, telecommunications and motorized control of shades, lifts and other devices. EDG is a one-stop solutions provider in the Hi-End residential marketplace.

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