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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is “preventive maintenance?”

A. Preventive maintenance is a schedule of actions to prevent the failure of equipment before it occurs. These activities include equipment checks, worn part replacements, partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, battery replacement, wiping down video displays, removing dust from components, testing remote controls and more.

Q. Why is it important to have a preventive maintenance plan?

A. Time and money. Preventive maintenance reduces the downtime and cost of hardware failures and software obsolescence. Your system will deliver full functionality and provide the greatest return on investment. In addition, all Plan participants are entitled to discounts for non-maintenance related services that may be required for trouble calls and/or system upgrades.

Q. Isn’t preventive maintenance performed on my system during my initial one year warranty?

A. Yes, but not on a regularly scheduled basis nor at the level of detail associated with one of our preventive maintenance plans. Depending on the size and sophistication of your system, we may schedule a 90-day or six-month courtesy inspection to ensure everything is running smoothly. At the very least, a member of our Client Care team will follow-up with you 30 days prior to the expiration of your warranty as an added measure of quality assurance.

Q. When should I ideally have maintenance?

A. We recommend at least twice a year, typically springtime (especially for suburban clients with outdoor systems) and November (before the holiday entertaining season).

Q. How do I choose the right plan for me?

A. Our basic Silver plan offers the minimum level of preventive maintenance we think most systems need to keep performing optimally. Silver includes 2 half day maintenance visits that will be scheduled six months apart from each other.
Our Gold plan provides 5 annual maintenance visits including a thorough full day visit, two half day visits, and two standard visits.
For larger systems, our Platinum plan provides three full day visits, three half day visits, and three standard visits that will be scheduled throughout the year.

Q. What kind of reports will I receive?

A. You will receive two reports after each visit. The first details what we checked and found. The second recommends improvements to enhance system performance, or to prevent potential failures. For example, we will check picture quality and review lamp hours on all home theater projectors. Replacing an aging lamp provides optimum picture brightness and prevents failure during an event.

Q. Who services my system?

A. During the first six months of your one year warranty period, a member of your installation team will maintain your system. Afterward, a Client Care technician will be assigned to your account. All of our techs are trained to conduct a thorough maintenance visit using our standardized checklists. Every effort is made to have the same technician care for your system during non-emergency visits. This improves efficiency and allows us to better diagnose intermittent problems.

Q. Who coordinates the visits to my home?

A. Our Client Care Coordinator will set a schedule for preventive maintenance visits as well as for trouble calls that arise for Silver & Gold plan participants. For all Platinum level clients, a dedicated Client Care Representative will be assigned to your account. This may be the Director of our Client Care Center, one of our Senior Client Care Representatives, or another member of our team. Participants in all plans receive priority scheduling for non-emergency service or maintenance.

Q. What If I don’t purchase a plan?

A. While we think it’s important to service your system proactively (you wouldn’t stop maintaining your car, right?), we’re always ready to help when you call. However, you won’t benefit from advisory reports or ongoing recommendations for system enhancements, or from the proactive prevention of system outages.

Q. Does my Plan include provisions for hardware-related costs?

A. Yes, all Plan participants are entitled to discounts for new equipment purchases as well as for repairs and replacement parts for devices that are no longer covered by the manufacturers warranties.

Q. Is there a discount or rate guarantee if I sign up for more than a year?

A. Yes! Our three year plan offers a significant discount over the one year rate. In addition, labor rates for EDG’s professional services are locked in for the term of your plan.

Q. Is there a discount if you care for more than one of our homes?

A. Yes! We offer multi-site discounts; please call to discuss.

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