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Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Preventive Maintenance Checklist This checklist outlines the items our Client Care technicians will check during scheduled maintenance visits.

 Check batteries for all remotes (replace as needed)
 Check batteries for battery back-up devices (replace as needed)
 Blow out dust from all electronic components
 Inspect all equipment for wear
 Wipe down video monitors and touch screens
 Calibrate touchscreens, if applicable
 Verify all connectors are seated properly for head-end components
 Verify all external infrared devices are secured properly
 Clean out projector filters, if applicable
 Check lamp hours on projectors, if applicable
 Thoroughly test EDG supplied remote controls
 Check all channel presets on remote controls
 Check free space on media center server hard drives, if applicable
 Adjust balance, bass, treble settings for multi-room audio system
 Test outdoor music systems, if applicable (Spring/Summer)
 Test transport functions and motors for DVD & CD players
 Conduct a general clean-up at head-end equipment locations

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