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Providing home management solutions based on clients’ needs…

Electronics Design Group provides home theater consulting service to clients that are looking for a more convenient way to manage their home technologies, and who are looking for exceptional value in home theater room design. Essentially, we serve as the “quarterback” for home theater construction projects and related home automation systems, from initial consultation and product specification, to preliminary and detailed drawings, to the assembly of racks and final installation. The only thing we don’t do is function in the capacity of a retailer, which gives our clients a huge advantage because we’re able to specify components that are perfect for their application rather than components that we’re compelled to sell.

Please browse through the following topics and click through on those that are of interest. Quite often, as an integrated home theater designer, EDG will provide solutions that incorporate several facets of these capabilities. Please contact us for more detailed information regarding a particular application.

Telephone & Intercom

An integrated home automation voice control system can create a truly connected environment. Reach any part of your home or office from any room, including outdoors, with the press of a button. Call the basement from the attic, or add a phone line in the bathroom.

EDG For Business

Integrated media room design provides many benefits to business owners savvy enough to take advantage of the latest technologies. EDG experts will plan, design and install a universally controlled presentation system for your office; including televisions, projectors, view screens and etc


Retaining a qualified home theater designer at the planning stage of a custom home theater installation is critical if the desired results are to be attained. EDG home theater consulting services that help our clients achieve their goals…from planning and technical specifications.


Hospitality control systems offer state-of-the-art technology once reserved for only the penthouses. EDG delivers five-star comfort, convenience and control for new and existing hotels of all sizes. This technology creates truly scalable systems from 1 to 10,000 properties giving property operations.

EcoSolutions & Green Machines

The beautiful thing about living ‘green’ is that it helps the environment and saves you money! Find out what we can offer you to help make your home more environmentally-friendly

Client Care

Find out about EDG’s professional service team, our capabilities, and how we can help you ensure your systems are performing optimally.