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Conference Rooms

Find out how cutting edge audio, video, and video teleconferencing solutions can bolster your bottom line…

EDG creates ultra-modern audio/visual environments for corporate conference rooms and boardrooms. Our experts plan, design and install universally controlled presentation systems for offices that include high definition televisions and projectors, view screens, integrated telephone and teleconferencing equipment, video conferencing capabilities, shade and lighting control systems and individual Internet and e-mail access. All functions are made accessible through simplified touchscreen system control.

We also design and install distributed audio and video systems for consumer-oriented businesses, such as a restaurant or sports bar. Whether it’s one giant screen or any number of synchronized smaller screens strategically placed throughout an establishment, EDG engineers and installation technicians can handle the job. EDG’s more than 20 years in business has distinguished us as a leader in media room design and installation. Here are some of the key differences between our competitors and us:

  • We have worked on more than 1,000 projects, from small to extremely large scope, so we know what home theater and media room layouts, and home automation solutions work best in different residential and commercial environments.
  • EDG supports very deep engineering and technical resources. At any given time we employ approximately 10 people in engineering, programming, and networking; and many of our systems engineers and programmers joined us from the companies whose products we install, thereby providing valuable technical expertise for our clients. Our fleet consists of more than 20 vehicles, each manned by a skilled field technician that’s dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to our clients or their contractors.
  • We take the lead position in coordinating audio/visual, home theater, and media room design plans throughout the building process with the client and with other trades. EDG has a stellar reputation for effectively communicating our building and performance requirements for electronics systems, and for working effectively with architects, builders, interior designers, electricians, millworkers, and other trades to find solutions that meet everyone’s needs. The end result is meeting scheduled milestones in the field to keep building projects on track.

State-of-the-art media room solutions and integrated audio/visual equipment make meetings more productive and keeps customers from leaving. Find out what’s possible today.

Below is a brochure from Tandberg, on their business solutions with EDG.

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