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Video cameras – whether monitoring the sleeping baby, the pool area or the front door – are an essential part of the home security system. Homeowners and Business owners can view camera feeds on anything from the big screen in the theater, any TV, monitor or touchpanel, and even from their iPhone and iPad over the internet.

CCTV’s Role

  • Allows the visual surveillance over critical, vulnerable and sensitive areas.
  • Allows the visual surveillance over multiple areas at the same time.
  • Allows remote connectivity for remote observation and management.
  • Reduce the quantity of security guards on duty.
  • Contributes to deter crimes.
  • Works 24 x 7 x 365 without interruption.
  • Improves the answer speed for crisis management.
  • Facilitated efficiently for people identification.
  • Stores visual evidence to facilitate law enforcement.
  • Enhances the safety for the community.
  • Just the presence of the security CCTV system discourages criminal activities.
  • Provide the capture and retrieval of archived video data locally or over your network.
  • Allows video tracking of suspects inside the premises.


  • Places cameras near entrances and exits of buildings and property.
  • Install surveillance for parking lots and garages.
  • Mount cameras in at-risk areas such as poorly lit walking paths and locations where people might find themselves alone and defenseless.
  • Position cameras with high visibility in areas where money is exchanged.
  • Monitor common areas such as stairways, lobbies, halls, libraries, locker areas, dining areas, gyms, sport concourses, theaters, labs, swimming pools, stadiums, etc.