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Distributed Audio Systems

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Q: When you think of a distributed audio system, do you envision a disarray of wires running throughout your home?

A: Messy wires are a thing of the past! EDG has solutions for clean, convenient audio distribution.

In ordinary terms, audio distribution can be defined as music that can be heard in many rooms from one audio system. At EDG, we call it “Multi-Room Audio“. This type of audio distribution can be as simple as one audio zone per floor with simple volume control to a sophisticated system in which every room has its own audio zone and touch panel. The options are endless and can be custom designed to fit your every need and desire.

A multi-room audio system offers convenience beyond your wildest dreams. Naturally, everyone who lives together in a home does not have the same musical tastes. To that end, with a multi-room audio system, each person can listen to their own favorite selections at the same time, and best of all, from ONE audio system with NO visible wiring. Each room can be controlled from one, centralized touch panel, or from various touch panels distributed throughout the home. This is a matter of personal preference, with control of various home systems also controllable through the touch panels.

Various sources are available for a multi-room audio system. These include an amplifier, which can be discretely placed in a rack in your home, an iPod docking station, and via several different choices of digital music services now available. Digital music services include Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes, XM Sirius Radio, and there is also HD Radio and good old AM/FM.

While AM/FM radio may still work fine in your car, it works differently within a home and reception may not be as good in your home. EDG has addressed this challenging situation with a concentrated effort to resolve AM radio reception issues. We suggest using a Crestron Dedicated AM Radio/Weather box or  Slim Devices byLogitech’s SqueezeBox for better reception within the home.

No matter what your audio preferences are, EDG has a solution for them. Our professional staff can help you design the system that works best for you and your family, and offer you all of the possibilities for a seamless multi-room audio system with crystal clear acoustics.
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To find out how you can have this award-winning technology installed in your home, contact EDG at (732) 650-9800, online at, or via email
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