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IP Cameras

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A visible Network camera with two-way audio and intelligent video capabilities

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Q: Do you think that IP cameras are for commercial uses only?

A: IP cameras are affordable and can be installed anywhere now.

IP (Internet Prototcol) cameras are higher resolution versions of the older standard security cameras, and have come a long way in the last few years. They are less intrusive than the older versions as well, and much more energy efficient, using only about 5 watts of power. They can be used in both residential and commercial applications, but the sky is the limit as to where they can be installed for use.

Installation of the cameras is rather simple with the only required equipment being a router and a standard network switch, both of which already exist in many homes and offices. They are powered over Ethernet which allows control and video viewing through the network switch. Wiring is as simple as a CAT5 computer cable.

The features of IP cameras go far beyond the ordinary surveillance cameras you may be envisioning. This newer technology in surveillance offers video streaming directly to your computer with many control functions also available on your laptop from anywhere in the world or the convenience and privacy of your office. Video recording is also available, and both video and still photos can be stored on your computer’s hard drive.

One of the advanced features of the cameras is PTZ, which stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom. This optional feature enables you to move the camera up, down, or from side to side and/or zoom in or pan out in a particular view. The software that is included with the camera can be programmed for use of this option, and settings can be changed from your computer at the time and convenience of your choosing. The camera’s built in web server allows access from your computer and also remote access for viewing from anywhere in the world via your laptop.

Whatever your surveillance needs are, an IP camera network can offer you security, privacy, and convenience right at your fingertips.

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