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Mirrored and Hidden Television


“Dempsey and Firpo” (1924) by George Bellows

Photos courtesy of Wesketch Architectureand


The Painting in Motion – Ready to Reveal the Plasma


The Plasma ready for Viewing


An enhanced mirror, from Seura


The Underbed Mount, from K2 Mounts

Q: Why do people purchase flat panel televisions, and then place them in cabinets?
A: To hide them.

Every problem befits a unique solution, and installing a flat panel television is a concept that is continually expanded upon. Wall mounts and stands aren’t the only options anymore – there are many new, and very innovative, ways to position a flat panel television so that it is only in view when it is to be used. Integrating hidden technology into a project creates the excitement of a perfectly-installed top-of-the-line system, but furthermore replaces unsightly cables, cords, and wiring with clever ideas, flawless engineering, and flexible decorative solutions.

MEDIA DECOR provides application solutions that can animate a favorite painting into a part-time television screen. A static image will jump to life, rolling upward to reveal an already glowing high-definition image, or pushing itself above the television via hidden motorized tracks. The company offers a variety of custom images or paintings, and also mirrors to conceal a plasma tv that is mounted on a wall. The possibilities are endless, and with this technology a big-screen TV can be installed in the dining room so that the big game that just can’t be missed does not interfere with dinnertime.

Unassuming bathroom mirrors can be integrated with a hidden flat-screen, in various size options, without fear of clutter or disruption. When power to the mirror is turned on, a crisp LCD display unobtrusively lights up in the mirror. When the power is off, the technology reverts back to an elegant mirror. The morning news can be conveniently delivered to the client in the same place as their daily grooming rituals through the masterful placement of specially prepared two-way glass panels manufactured by S├łURA.

Again, a wall isn’t the only place for implementation of a hidden installation. When a luxurious, fully-furnished master bedroom is the focused project, exposed electronics wiring can be an obstacle to aesthetic design. K2 Mounts offers motorized lifting mounts that, at the touch of a button, articulate a big-screen TV from under a bed to the perfect viewing angle for breakfast in bed.

Hidden Technology presents the possibility of a home theater in every room, and style is no longer a sacrifice to the convenience of modern technology. A recessed mounting unit elegantly holds the television inside the wall cavity until it is activated by a wireless touch panel (that also controls the home’s lights, music, and security.) Quite simply, a beautiful home is further refined by an energy-efficient and time-saving home automation system.

The first step to seamlessly integrating new and exciting electronic equipment is to intimately know the space in which the project will take place. Specialty installs and custom requests require large amounts of integrationand coordination between professionals with which consultation is necessary to achieve the accurate specifications required for placement, safety, and maintenance of all systems involved in Hidden Technology.

A room needs a distinguishing feature: a large screen, superb speakers, and immense comfort are a good start in the appropriate space. Hidden Technology and a professional design team prove that there is no such thing as an inappropriate space where the client can have their technology, and hide it too.

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