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Brands & Products

Welcome to the finest selection of audio and video components from the world’s most innovative manufacturers. EDG endorses these products because they’ve proven to be the best available for home theater rooms, as well as distributed home audio and video systems. We invite you to contact us to learn more about any of these products or brands. 

HD Televisions

The latest high definition televisions come in a variety of screen sizes ranging from conveniently compact to astonishingly large. With wide viewing angles, minimal light reflection and thin profiles, they are normally the focal point in media room design and live up to their job of being the center of attention.



The theater experience is only half complete without great audio. Bring out the full force of your movie’s effects in your home theater room, as well as the soul of your music through your whole house audio system, with high quality speakers designed for each purpose.

B&WTriadSound AdvanceLeonJames Loudspeaker


Break the boundaries of television screen sizes by making a high definition home theater projector the star of your show. Home theater projectors have a small footprint but have a huge impact in the quality of your home movie theater.

Digital Projection

Video Screens

Think of your projection surface like an artist’s canvas… the picture can only be as good as what it is presented on. Modern home theater screens provide beautiful high contrast picture quality while adding the finishing touch to your home theater room’s authenticity.

StewartDa-LiteElite ScreensScreen Innovations

Home Audio

Home theater surround sound systems and distributed audio systems require sophisticated digital processors and power amplifiers to optimize their sound. The specialized brands we carry provide the highest quality sonics available for residential and commercial systems.


Media Servers

Media servers let you create a library of your music and video collections all in one central location. Using intuitive, smart home controls and menus you can play content, make playlists, and even set parental controls for your children to use the system.

KaleidescapeRequestVuduSlim DevicesAppleTVRoku

Lighting & Shading

Whether you are a homeowner seeking to enhance the appearance of a single room, or a facilities manager looking to enhance productivity and comfort, you can reduce energy-related costs with a lighting control system from a company like Lutron, who offers solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations while staying within your budget.


Home Automation

Automated home systems comprise the latest residential and commercial technologies available on the market today. Along with custom home theater installations, we integrate whole house streaming audio and video feeds, lighting controls, temperature and shade controls, and security monitoring devices. Even when you’re away from the house, you can easily check on everything from room temperature, to water in the basement, to security issues. All you need is Internet access to log into your secure home site.


Computers & Hardware

Computers and Hardware form the backbone of the technological world, and a properly connected computer network, phone system, and backup storage isn’t just a good idea — it’s a necessity for a modern, automated home.


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