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Rack Space

CEDIA 2008 Award Winners

Best Dressed System Gold Level Technical Design

Sheer Perfection

Neat,clean,and completely hidden

Best Integrated Home Level II Gold
Technical Design

Discretely Discretely hidden in a NYC apartment

Q: Why is rack placement important and where will you fit it?

A: Read on to learn why rack placement is important, and leave it to EDG as to where the all-empowering rack will be hidden in your home.

Racks and enclosures are the most underappreciated pieces of equipment in a system, but they are every bit as important as your home theater, security and surveillance. Typically, a rack is any of a dozen variations of customizable shelving and ventilation units, primarily designed for the efficient installation, protection, and cooling of electronic equipment. Racks can vary in size and shape; they can be wall-mounted, overhead, in a locking glass enclosure, or even on sliding tracks for quick access.

A conventional home theater system is comprised of a handful of equipment – a receiver, a power conditioner, a pre-amp, media sources (such as a Blu-ray player, cable box, etc), Media servers (such as Kaleidescape and Vudu), and more devices if solutions such as home automation or lighting control are desired. Wiring (“Ganging”) all of these devices together without protection will leave your state-of-the-art devices at the mercy of mishaps. Stacking the units in a cabinet or closet may seem like a simple solution, but dust, heat, and power necessities can be dangerous to the units and the user. A custom-built rack will employ a ventilation system that prolongs the life and operating efficiency of devices, while organizing a wealth of wiring into an easy and appealing cable management system.

Rack space can be customized for nearly any size or shape of equipment. Unconventionally shaped devices, like an Xbox 360, can be placed in a rack just as easily as a power amplifier. Custom cut face-plates can accommodate devices in nearly any rack size, while also serving as spacers in the elegant procession of rack devices. The average piece of electronic equipment will have at least 2-3 cable input/outputs, while a winning rack solution ensures only two controlled sets of cabling, one going in and one going out. Delicately ensuring that the rack has separated ‘Signal’ and ‘Power’ wires prevents systems from producing difficult-to-trace effects like signal-loss or audible interference.

Well-made racks look sleek, and place equipment in optimal positioning for maintenance, upgrading, access, and ventilation. EDG’s award-winning project “Sheer Efficiency” proves that integrators, clients, and critics all agree upon the functional and aesthetic improvements that constitute a truly great rack.

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