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Where do I put the ugly box?

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Where do I put the ugly box?

Q: Remeber when you could just plug your TV into that wall jack and it would work?

A: Well yes, we all remember the simplicity of days gone by, but things are not quite that simple anymore – now, a box is necessary to simply watch tv.A: Well yes, we all remember the simplicity of days gone by, but things are not quite that simple anymore – now, a box is necessary to simply watch tv.

There are many options for video sources to choose from, and once a source has been selected, be it a cable or satellite box, FIOS, a DVD or Blu-Ray player, or any one of the many video on-demand sources available, the first obstacle that arises is, “Where do I put the box?” Past options would have easily included storing all video sources beneath your television in the old “console”. However, with the onset of the flat panel television, the aesthetic has drastically changed, as did the options for storage. The sleek, clean look of the flat panel tv on the wall creates the dilemma of where to “hide” the box(es).

Have no fear. EDG has solutions for this, and all of your video sourcing dilemmas.

With a simple IR Repeater system, your boxes can all remain hidden while maintaining their functionality. This system will enable your sources to be operated remotely from a closet where the sources remain out of sight. The next step in the list of options is for all sources to be located in one centralized distribution point with the use of the IR Repeater system, plus wiring to all televisions. Of course, with this solution there is still one cable box for each television in the home, all of which elicit a monthly charge from the local cable company. Naturally, there is a solution for this as well.

The pinnacle solution for video distribution is the use of a matrix switcher which routes all video sources to a desired location from one centralized distribution point. Many components are available to eliminate the monthly fees associated with having multiple cable boxes in use in your home by reducing the number of boxes necessary for multiple televisions to work. Video distribution boxes, such as AVAtrix by Audio Authority, Crestron’s CNX-PVID8x4 or their newest, latest and greatest, Digital Media, enable the use of fewer cable boxes while also routing the surplus of video sources common in most homes today – DVD and Blu-Ray players, VUDU and any other video on-demand boxes. Now your DVR can move around the house with you.

With the extensive list of possible scenarios for a multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing distributed video system, EDG has a solution for it all, no matter what your preference or budget may be.

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